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Then you need the Growth Habit! 

” The secret to Productivity and growth is to Know it in your Head, believe it with your Heart and execute it with your Hands. This is our journey at the Growing Growth 21 Day Email course “


Course Content


  • The Purpose of Productivity and Growth
  • The Growth Mind Matrix no one told you about it.
  • The Dopamine tracking method for Productivity and Growth
  • Growth Habit Frame Work that ensures Productivity
  • The ‘MVA  Protocol”
  • Plus a 21 Days super Complementary to-do list…designed to guide you build the Growth and Productivity Mindset.

The 21 Days Email Lessons Contains

  • The 3 habits that truncate productivity and growth and how to overcome them
  • The perfect positioning strategies that guarantee the result you want.
  • The 2 Syndromes that cripples Productivity and destroys growth and how best to talk them
  • The 3 laws of accelerate Growth: Elimination, Delegation Automation
  • The magic of Imagination on Growth and Productivity
  • And… 11 More Productivity- Bias insights and lessons that will transform your life and work.

How it works

Hands on Manual

Immediately after registration you will be furnished with an ebook on Productivity. Included inside the ebook are work schedules. Some of which you will work on immediately.The rest you have to wait for your email prompts. We recommend printing out the Manual.

Email Lessons

Following  the Productivity Hands on Manual are daily emails. which shall be delivered to you at 5am GMT every day for 21 days. The micro learning model is to  guide your learning experience daily. We recommend you set aside an hour daily to get the best from the experince.


Each lesson of the day carries actionable assignments which will tally with your Hands on Manual. Together, they form a phenomenal  learning experience covering about 37 hours of learning content at your pace, in your privacy. Questions can be mailed to us where you need further clarity.

Victor Prince Dickson


First because I am the Transformation Consultant and I eat Transformation for lunch.

I am the Inventor of Kommon Sense,  Founder, Micro Reality Thinking Academy, Author, Thinking Field,  Anatomy of Entrepreneurship, The Art of Silence and many other books.  I have invested over 2 decades of studies  and experiments on the human mind and how it interacts with the Environment, Systems, Relationships and with Self. From this, I have created 12 Thinking Tools, 10 Business Models and 7 Leadership Maps.

My Transformational experience as a personal and business Consultant provides deep insights for journey such as this and my field experience as the Executive Director of  El-spice Media Limited, Co-Founded Synergy Agroallied, 3h Schools and 3 more that will be launching soon coupled with my journey as VC, Serial Entrepreneur, Creator Educator, and Coordinating Ambassador for World Creativity and Innovation Week Africa.

These experiences, failures and monumental successes as well as lessons from those I look up to, is what I am offering you.


It is difficult to explain productivity in Coach Victor's words but if I may sum it in few words, I'll say "It's the ability to achieve more with less and that is totally possible". Understanding that in deeper terms through this course changed my life forever.
Victory Bassey
Founder/C.E.O Book2Readers


Growth best occurs in Silence. In the face of current uncertainty and chaos, you need to find enough Silence to become Productive. Learn how Silence. 

The Art of Silence by Victor Prince Dickosn
Growing Growth 21 Day Email Course

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