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TField offers online learning for those who have the thirst and drive to build and develop their Skill sets but who may not be opportune to attend our event based Basic and Immersive Master classes.

At TField, we provide a complete online learning experience with Learning Management System models as well as Virtual Learning models. Our courses are delivered by a consortium of professional instructors.

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Learning on your own terms. At YOUR OWN tIME. where ever.

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We are very aware that learning structures and needs vary from one individual to another. To this effect, some of the classes have been designed to be delivered as programmes where multiple courses are strung together to provide in-depth experience and a wider skill range.

Thinking Field


While many may be interested in running a string of courses others may be content with short courses for specific needs. Hence, we have unbundled many of the programmes into courses. 

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All our courses have been broken down into Modules for better delivery and appreciation. Each of which must be completed before the next. In a situation where the first module isn’t completed, the second module will not respond.

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Some of the materials for the courses may include Visual, Audio, Graphics, Animation, PDF and Docs. And any other innovation that will aid a comprehensive delivery .

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MRTA Certified.

You can become an MRT certified trainer after completing some of our specific programmes like the TFQs Series and VEMOMETER.  As a certified MRT Trainer, you can be allocated a slot for our trainings/sessions offline.

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As an agent, for just recommending a course or program to some one, you will be entitled to a percentage commission based on the programme and course Instructor. All you need to do is ask the individual to fill in your unique pin number during registration.

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For a small fraction of your imagination and practical  experience. You can guide many into building some new skills, accelerate vision and dreams, passion and careers. We provide the platform and guide you on how to set up course and the rest is easy. However, we recommend that classes must be future-centric. Contacts us for details.

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Complete all our courses and programs to attain MRT Academy Fellowship status. Three of our Programmes to attain MRT Academy Associate status. One  of our programme to attain MRT Academy Affiliate status.

Thinking Field


Designed to function as a collective brain. The T-FIELD community is  super brain made up of high skill innovators who are interrelated and interconnected. Such communities are the bedrock for scaling innovation and accelerating progress. Members shall be referred, pooled and recommended for challenges that require 8D ranking Skill Sets.

Thinking Field


  • Knowledge and Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Philosophy and Ideology
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Inspiration/Motivation
  • Film Production
  • Television Production
  • Publishing
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding/Packaging
  • Spirituality
  • Food Hub
  • Software Development
  • Animation
  • Games
  • Web Development.
  • Language
  • Natural/Organics
  • Agriculture
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Business Documentation
  • Mental Health
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Marriage
  • Relationship
  • NGO
  • Music


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The Future Quadrant (T.F.Q) has given me hope for Nigeria and my community if we can all believe it by putting it into practice. I recommend it to all the spheres of learning.

Sir Victor, The Lord broaden your knowledge and increase you the more. Thank you for impacting in me this much.

Istifanus Mandong Jeremiah

I seriously increase in your program, indeed it is you that Nigeria, West Africa and in fact Africa need to harness the future of the youth. I really recommend your effort, may The Lord bless you.

Yohanna Michael Badung

It was a great experience being a part of his, my time was well spent without regret. I wish to specially commend Mr. Victor Prince for the wonderful concept and for developing something like this.

I wish other organizations like private, public and NGO’s will use the future quadrant to teach others. This will make Nigeria a better place. Well-done sir!

Nuhu Kefas Dalyop

Mind blowing, impressive, revealing and exploit. Kudos to the resource person, The sky is your limit! Thank you for your contribution to the Nation, Humanity and the World.

James Moses James

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