A system is a purposeful set of interrelated components that form an integrated whole and work together to achieve some objective. Systems are usually hierarchical and so include other systems.   

The acronym A.N.T.S stands for Applied Networking and Tactical Spectrum and is inspired by nature’s number one systems guru – Ants. This is another Biomimetic tool that reveals the many secrets of Nature.

With A.N.T.S, we will learn about Structural Principles to System Designs, Disruption and Propagation.


Micro Reality Thinking Academy ANTS


At the end of the training session, participants will be able to:

  • Build Adaptive Intelligence Skills.
  • Learn how to structure a System.
  • Learn Biomimetics approach to Problem Solving.
  • Build Strategic Communication Skills.
  • Develop Networking Mining Skills.


  • M1             Introduction to Biomimetics.
  • M2             Systems Appreciation and Design.
  • M3             Components and Elements of Systems.
  • M4             ANTification  
  • M5             Systems Propagation.
  • M6             Simulation 1 and 2.

Because of this training, most of the things I didn’t know before, I know now. I now understand that for me to survive in a Knowledge Economy, there are basic things I must have. The training has indeed opened my eyes to a lot of things. Thank you for the mind blowing and mind opening training.


Judith Amaka Okonkwo
Intern (NGO)

Powerful and Innovative, I Unlearned and relearn certain things. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY. TO KNOW is to free yourself from enslavement of the Culture and Society of our times.


Abdullahi Hassan

It’s amazing. It has widen my horizon. It has challenged me to be more thoughtful. It has dealt fear a major blow.

David Ikeakhe Jacob

Never been to a seminar like this. It was an eye opener on my potential as a mother, wife and business woman. Kudos to the speakers.

Blessing Bonat Krombet
MaBead Makingnager

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