TFQ Knowledge Economy


The Future Quadrant for Knowledge Economy is a smart solution and compass for deploying Innovations and tackling Disruption. The composition of this model has the 9 x 2 Law of Innovation and other competitiveness principles. TFQ Knowledge is best known for its ability to break down the process of Innovation and Disruption in its most simplified way. It strings together the complementary roles of Critical, Creative and Strategic Thinking into a value chain of productivity and efficiency. As a matter of fact, it is the best guide to building and developing skills sets for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Since It provides in-depth knowledge on how to develop and deploy and manipulate DATA within the Global Convergence space. The end result is to outperform and scale productivity in the face of global competitiveness.

TFQ Knowldge Economy by Micro Reality Thinking Academy


At the end of the training sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to innovate in simple steps.
  • Build immune skills against disruption.
  • Build skills for tasking innovation value chain.
  • Build skill Sets for Design Thinking.
  • Learn how to Navigate 360 Economies.
  • Build cutting edge Entrepreneurship skill Sets.
  • Launch and Accelerate Start Up.
  • Build brand, product and service Leadership.

PROGRAMME CONTENT ( 8 Courses,40 Modules)

  • Course One     Origin of Knowledge
  • M1 Sex
  • M2 Embrained
  • M3 Embodied
  • M4 Encultured
  • M5 Encoded
Course Two   Knowledge Economy pillars
  • M1 Institutions
  • M2 Knowledge
  • M3 Skilled population
  • M4 Innovation systems
  • M5 ICT
Course Three   9 x 2 law of Innovation
  • M1 r1&R1
  • M2 a1&A1
  • M3 s1&S1
  • M4 d1&D1
  • M5 O.K ≤ P.O.I
Course Four   Quanta Mass
  • M1 Critical Thinking
  • M2 Creative Thinking (AI)
  • M3 Strategic Thinking
  • M4 Strategic Communication
  • M5 Emotional Intelligence
Course Five   Technology
  • M1 Knowledge
  • M2 People
  • M3 Data
  • M4 Process
  • M5 Systems
Course Six    Entrepreneurship
  • M1 Becomism
  • M2 Molting
  • M3 Knowledge
  • M4 Idea
  • M5 Products and Services
Course Seven Ecosystems
  • M1 Relations
  • M2 Family
  • M3 Society
  • M4 Exclusive Society
  • M5 Nation
Course Eight   Disruptions
  • M1 Chaos
  • M2 Confusion
  • M3 Convergence
  • M4 Competitiveness
  • M5 Innovation

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