Harnessing the full potentials of womanhood for Career, Business and Leadership.



You were told that the woman wants power, that she needs power or that she is seeking power. All these are false, the woman can not seek power, neither does she want power because she is the POWER.

About the Course

Woman Intelligence is a trip into the powerhouse, her essence, and an interrogation of the World’s most under-developed resource. The Course builds on the progress of the woman over the centuries, seeking to expand and accelerate this progress for the good of humanity. 



Power At Your Fingertips


Unveiling the 7 lies about the Woman.

A lie when veiled properly can travel centuries but the effect always leaves long trail that can be interrogated. We will dare to interrogate Culture, Traditions and Religion.


Unlearning and Re-Learning the 'Art of Receiving'.

Giving is one of the most honourable acts of mankind. Yet it is one of the most misunderstood. In the absence of this knowledge it could be weaponized against you.


Reinventing the Woman from Femaleness to Womanhood.

Every woman has an form and an essence unfortunately we have reminded the woman so much of her form that she has forgotten her real essence. Its time to harmonize them.

Take control

Reskilling and Upskilling Womanhood Proficiencies.

Every gift has its purpose and its time. For such a time like this womanhood has become very crucial and important for humanity. capabilities are not enough capacity is required.


Recalibrating her greatest weaknesses.

Decision making is a private and personal affair unfortunately, no decision is personal. since none of its consequences  are private nor personal.  


Unearthing her hidden capabilities for Leadership and Impact.

The global community is under performing because we are missing the point.  We push her to go seek for relevance and power when all along she was the Relevance and she was the Power.

Victor Prince Dickson

Course creator

This is the Transformation Consultant and I eat Transformation for lunch.   I have invested over 2 decades of studies  and experiments on the human mind and how its interacts with the Environment, Systems, Relationships and with Self. From this, I Invented Kommon Sense Masters,  Founder, MRT Academy, Authored, Thinking Field,  Anatomy of Entrepreneurship, The Art of Silence and many other books. A VC, Serial Entrepreneur. My experiences as a personal and business Consultant provides deep insights for a unique  journey such as this.

My jouney into Woman Intelligence (WQ) began in 2012. Knowing my interest in learning an d Knowing a few of my friends had asked me a silly question, “victor if a woman is divided into two, which part will you chose?

I had no answer then, but this  inspired me to dig deeper. Woman Intelligence evolved from this search.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Email courses are an emerging trend in online learning. Because It is self Pacing, Personal, private, and delivers content in small portions for easy digestion. MRT Academy, the Skills and Competence Factory has the reputation for delivering exclusive and outstanding Microlearning Experience through Email course. Our unique model is to first deliver to you upon course registration a Hands-on Companion (workbook). In the workbook, you will find the foundations of the course, the scope of limits as well as the 14 days layout that will complement your daily email lessons.

Because the course is not about Femaleness or Feminity. The course is predicated on one core principle, that “the woman is first a human being first before she becomes the female” Therefore she should not be defined by roles and frame instead should be enhanced through roles and body parts. Since, the focus is on her humanness, a human being who is passionate, knowledgeable, and concern enough can deliver.

The course is designed to be delivered through different learning models, starting with the email, then to Webinars, Video on Demand, Books, Animation, and Documentaries. We have chosen the email course because, it provides a microlearning opportunity to learn, digest, and learn again. In these days of information overload, we find this very helpful for our clients, especially when the content requires deep processing and reflection.

No! Woman intelligence is a body of knowledge, insights, and perspectives, thought from the “The Spectrum of Knowing”. Like every other field of study and industry, it is open to all, male or female, young and all. The role of the woman at the core of human progress is so important that it should be made mandatory for all. As a matter of fact, a proper understanding of the Woman, in scope and depth is the best gift any man can gift to their wife, daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends.


Victor Prince Dickson is one of the most intelligent persons I Know on earth presently. He is thinking and imaginative capacity is sincerely out of this world without exergerating. Victor is Creative and Innovative in many areas and I found that very unique and interesting. He loves to break traditions and conventions.
Muyiwa fasakin
Creative Intelligence Expert/Board Advisory Member (WCIW)
Victor Dickson is someone I would like to describe as disruption specialist. He has an uncanny ability to use deep thinking and intense study to carve a path that is not readily apparent to the average person. He is a person in love with Nigeria and Africa, regularly advocating for the return and development of our native intelligence.
Nancy Oblete
Family Life Coach /CEO Panacea Ville International
Renaissance! This is all it did to me. The game changer helped me find my missing link! Our time with him was a rebirth! It opened me up! It changed me positively. I employed the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. Victor is very knowledgeable! He prepared me for a lifetime of experience.
Inniobong josiah
Clinical Phamacist/CEO Beauty and Brain Empire


Every thing begins from Silence. As  a matter of facts Silence is a woman’s best friend. Learn how, from the Art of Silence. 

The Art of Silence by Victor Prince Dickosn

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